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10.5 x7 inches acrylc on paper.  

While in Colorado, I would pass this stream on my daily drive to drop my family off at the ski slopes.  Unromantically, it was winding its way next to the street, under an overpass even! But, as I passed it twice daily, my mind began to delete the green steel overhead, the sound of the cars passing by, and all of the ugly extras.  I snapped a quick photo through the car window and brought it home to continue to dream... what did this look like before it was surronded by tourism, and our modern life?  I painted that dream, then closed my eyes and heard the crackling of the fire in that tiny cabin, cuddled up in my cozy socks and warm mug of tea, with everything I need.

Tucked Away With Everything We Need

$375.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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