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5x7 original on canvas paper.  This small painting brings a fresh dusting of snow to your space!  

It took me two years to sit down to paint this serene Utah farm!  I would pass it every day for a week, on my way to drop my troop off at the ski slopes.  Every time, it looked more and more mesmerizing. In the morning, the fresh snow gleamed off the roof of those pure white barns.  In the evening, the moonlight danced from slick, frosted trees, to the drifts by the roadside, around the barn, and up the mountain back to the moon.  I wondered who lived in this pastoral scene.  I imagined spending my days sitting at an easel while looking out one of the top windows.  I heard my children laughing while running the acres of land that seemed to stretch for miles.  I slowed down, snapped more than a few photos, cropped my side mirror out of the scene, and looked back often.  Then.. finally... I painted.

Morning Snowfall

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